Refined hosting for
your Laravel application

No more tinkering in the AWS console, forget the NGINX configuration file, you don't even need to know how to spell Kubernetes, it's time to relax.

Next-level hosting

How much could you do if your work stopped at git push?

Experience fine-tuned bare-metal servers, multi-region by default, automated backups, live monitoring, and white-glove support, all in a single click.

Only the best metal for Laravel Artisans

AMD Ryzen™ and Ampere® Altra® CPUs, NVMe SSD, ECC RAM, high bandwidth, fine-tuned for performance, security and high-availability. The best Laravel applications also deserve the best available hardware.


Host your Laravel application near your users with multi-region zero-downtime deployment.

White-glove support

Receive expert solutions to your problems from developers with years of Laravel hosting experience, no GPT auto response.

Automated everything

Let Onfold take care of SSL certificates, security updates, backups, logs, monitoring and scaling, so that you can really focus on your application.

Support us

We can’t make it without you

Pre-register to follow our journey building an hosting provider from scratch and participate in each phase of development.

Phase 1

Q1 2024

Help us shape the future of Laravel hosting, pre-register to join the wait-list and tell us the features that matter the most to you.

Phase 2

Q4 2024

Get invited for early access to make sure everything is polished and see your application running faster than ever before.

Phase 3

Q1 2025

Onfold is ready for production workloads, access is given by batches to ensure a high level of performance and support.

Frequently asked questions

We answered the most common questions we could think of, but if you have more, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Why create yet another hosting provider?
Many great options already exist to host Laravel applications, but most of them will require at least some experience with DevOps and server management. Onfold aims to provide an opinionated platform that completely abstract hosting for you, making it ideal for projects and teams without DevOps capabilities.
How does Onfold differ from services like Laravel Forge, Ploi or Cleavr?
Onfold hosts your application in isolation across a pool of bare-metal servers that you can't customize yourself. This allows us to fully manage the resources (CPU/RAM/Disk/Network) and software security updates for you, which can be great or not depending on your needs.
How does Onfold differ from Laravel Vapor?
Onfold leverages Firecracker virtual machines on our own servers with good scaling capabilities and geo-based replication. Vapor is a better solution if you plan on leveraging other AWS resources to keep low latency across your services, or need the hyper-scale capabilities of AWS Lambda.
What pricing model will you use?
No pricing model will be published before the end of the beta phase. We aim to provide monthly and hourly plans based on usage, which should be a bit more expensive than hosting your application on a VPS by yourself but with more services and less management.